Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mid February, Can I still say New Year?

Hi Folks!


Mana satu eh?? mana2 je lah...

For me it is still new year!! And Alhamdullilah, so far manage to be on moderation this year. Hope this will continue through out this year and many more years ahead.

Today in particular, we started with sunshine breakfast (pancakes + scramble eggs + AYAMAS Italian sausages)

NO LUNCH today. :-Weu Weu...

My DH got me new iron, new tees from Esprit, new scale and new toilet hose from apartment owner :-)

Had mouth watering Mutton Briyani for Dinner.

Ebay shopping - Cupcakes Liners... y'all... ;-*

Also, non stop B** Anonymous comment in my blog :-) HEART you BIG time...

What an ultimate blissfull day today!!!

Till then

housewife ;)

Thursday, 17 November 2011



Alhamdullilah, no rain for the past 17 days...

There a still lots of water need to be release which the government is doing it right now and hope it will not spread to other areas. Cross Fingers...

From begining, I am not worried about the flood. I am more worried about the food supplies.

Food like Instant Noodles, rice, drinking water, tissue paper, plastic bags are all runs out.

Seriously, my DH and I have been hunting for drinking water for weeks...

We manage to get it. Tapi susah sikit. All other supermarkets/ hypermarkets tak da except Tesco. Have to go in the morning lah. They open at 8am, I went at 9am. Just nice, they just took out the stocks.. hehe...

Its getting slightly better now. We can see that there are supplies from Malaysia (Spritzer and Hup Seng Biscuits), Indonesia (Indomee & Mi Sedaap), Hong Kong (Vita Distilled Water) and etc...

Hope this situation will get better by end of the year.

Let us all pray and hope that 2012 will be a GREAT new year for Thailand!

housewife ;)



Hope all are well out there!!

TTC stands for Try To Conceive.

TTC for the past 3 years but no luck. PCOS does not want to go away... :-(

Had 2 surgeries for the past 3 years. Endometrial Hyperplasia

Needed more Testosterone. Completed 3 cycles (21 days of each cycle) of Norethisterone

Completed single cycle (21 days) of ethinylestradiol and desogestrel

And I am now on Clomifene Citrate a.k.a fertility pill for 100mg x 5 days.

Seriously, aishah dah penat makan ubat. Thank GOD exercise belum penat lagi.

I am basically ovulating more than usual after consumed the fertility pills. There a chances for me to get pregnant. Let's all pray and hope for a good news...

Kalau belum rezeki, back to gym... need to lose some. It'll help to fight PCOS. Thanks to my DH for all the support... weu weu.....

till next post ok... dah lapar, nak makan left over food from last night, sardine sambal, telur goreng, nasi panas2 + kicap kipas udang... (mesti kicap kipas udang, kalau tak, tak jadi)

housewife ;)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

love of a wife


Being in love, is one the best thing that can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime and anything. Be it interpersonal love or impersonal love.

I am proudly saying that I have both, interpersonal and impersonal love.

I spent at least 45 minutes to read Love simply for better understanding. You may find the full definition from the link above.

If we are talking about interpersonal love, it is something that needs to be earned. Earning it give you a remarkable feeling, eyes wet from the tears of happiness and feeling like you’ve conquered the world. Some elements that are often present in interpersonal love:

• Affection: appreciation of other
• Reciprocation: if love is mutual
• Commitment: a desire to maintain love
• Emotional intimacy: sharing emotions and feelings
• Kinship: family bonds
• Passion: sexual desire
• Physical intimacy: sharing of personal space
• Self-interest: desiring rewards
• Service: desire to help

Impersonal love are usually refers to love of country, objects, animals and materials. In my case, I am agreeing to all. I love my country Malaysia and I wish that one day I will have chance to visit Europe . Materials and Object, every women loves it. Animals, I love them too but not Reptile .

Further to that, the happiness that comes to you will be extraordinary ones. You will start smiling at your self when you thinking about it, blushing and et cetera. Each individual will feel happy when they have either one of those.

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.

A happy person is more productive at work. Research shows that 86% agreed to "Happy people are productive people" .

A happy person lives life healthier.

A happy person is everything.

A happy person is me !

housewife ;-)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

6 Most Important Words in the world


Happy New Year to all!!!

Many of you might not know that I have started working with Anantara Resorts & Spas since June 2010.

Nice working place with nice people.

And today is the last day of our VP sales. Last evening, I came out with an Idea of compiling all of our photos and make it in like some sort of scrap book and send it to her.

Manage to send it to her this morning. Hope she likes it :-)

While browsing the net looking for nice thank you words, phrase & quotes, I found this messages instead:

The 6 most important words: I admit I made a mistake.
The 5 most important words: You did a good job.
The 4 most important words: What is YOUR opinion?
The 3 most important words: If you please.
The 2 most important words: Thank You.
The 1 most important word: We.
The least important: I

I astonished by the words. In real life, not many superior, bosses or even colleagues uses such words to one each other.

What is frequently use now is FYI, FYA, ASAP,URGENT and etc..

I have to admit that I sometimes :-) ok ok.. most of the time uses above abbreviation, can't say it during busy time as I actually use it all the time.

Rationally, I think that relationship or even works will get better by using such nice proper words.

Be it in working environment, or even at home with your loved ones.

We can also uses words such as May you please, "May" is more polite than "Can".

Or we can also start our email by showing some appreciation. Like for example...

Example One
Hi Sandy,
Thanks a lot for your help yesterday. I could have not done it without you. Appreciate if you assist me with the report by end of this week.

Or perhaps with some nice comments...

Example Two
Hi Sandy,
I must have forgotten to tell you that you look nice with purple scarf today. By any chance you can join me for lunch/ come to my office/ have time to discuss on our next report which we need to submit by the end of the week.

With your loved ones...

Example Three
Hi Love,
I enjoyed the Chicken rice that you've made last 2 months and I don't mind to have it this weekend.

See, I told you that it is not difficult to do so.

So come on everyone, let's not wait. I will start today, will you???

Till next post...

au revoir

housewife ;) XoXo

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

the satisfaction...


Satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her work. The happier people are within their work, the more satisfied they are said to be. And this referring to my croche work. I completed both coins pouch for two beloved person on earthn and I will pass it to them on my next trip back to KL which will be from 9th to 19th April 2010.

I started this two project two weeks ago and completed it today. Well I would say it is 80% complete as I still need to put some lining and attach the zip as well as clip.

Once it is 100% complete, I will post the pics  ok.

To Mizzura, I will pass your make up bag on my next trip which will be in September 2010. Hope that is fine with you.

ok till here for this time... enjoy this video clip from Rolling Stone - Satisfaction

housewife ;)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

housewives BEST hobby


It been a while since my last posting. I was a bit occupied with things. Thiru and I went to Koh Samui from 4th Feb - 13th Feb 2010. Sadly, Thiru is there for work while me enjoying the vacation. We stayed at Anantara Lawana Resorts & Spa. It was a lovely resort and staff was very friendly and very helpful.

I then have to rush back to KL as my dad had a surgery on his left foot as he is sufferring from Cellulitis. He is a diabetic and Cellulitis is a common problem for a diabetic. My return to KL on 15th Feb 2010 was a suprised one. Only both of my sisters aware on my arrival. It was a heartbreak when I looked at my dad's condition. During my 2 weeks stay in KL, I had a muscle tear at my ankle. It was a painful one and I can barely walk or even putting my feet on the ground. I was advise my the Doctor in Pantai Hospital, Klang to use crutches. And it is a lot harder than I thought.
Cellulitis and Diabetic
Ankle Muscle Tear

I am now back in Bangkok. I came back on 2nd March 2010. Thiru birthday was on 3rd March, Glad that I can make it on time. So as of now, I still walking with my crutches and unable to hang out with friends often. That does not seem to be a problem. Staying at home, lots things to do. A friend of mine borrowed me some Twilight book as well as Julia Child Books for me to read. At the same time I can continue completing my new hobby.

New hobby a.k.a housewives BEST hobby is Knitting and Crocheing. It is all started when I was looking for a shop that teaches Patch Work. I google for a patch work at sukhumvit road and I found BigKnit. Assuming BigKnit teaching Patchwork, I decided to go over. According to Khun Hui, they are not teaching Patchwork, however they teach Knit and Crochet. Looking at all the colour and different type of yarns... they are just gorgeous.

So I am currently Knitting a Baby Wrap (Consist of 3 colours which is Dark Blue, Off White and Lilac) which is my 1st project, 2nd project completed which is Thiru's Hard Drive cover, 3rd project is my make up bag and 4th project is a coins pouch for 2 of my sisters. It is a suprise gift that I am planning to give them on my next trip back home which will be in April.

I have to admit that it is an expensive hobby but again you will feel happy and proud of your own self once it is completed. At the same time, it will occupied 1/4 of your daily extra time. Some of friends told me to sell it on Ebay once it is complete. Nah... I don't think so...

I wont be posting any pictures for this blog as I will only post it once it is done.

So this is why the title of this post is "housewives BEST hobby"

till here this time...

housewife ;)